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My Story

Stamped & Co. was founded on the idea that handmade, personalized gifts are hard to come by in today’s highly manufactured world. I believe in the power of a meaningful gift that’s 100% personalized by you…from you, or for you. I believe in shopping small and the many benefits that come from it. Not only are you changing individual lives, but you’re helping communities and neighborhoods thrive as well. I want to be able to create something for you that is truly one of a kind, which includes imperfections, but those imperfections are what makes these pieces unique and truly handmade. Knowing that your piece is made by hand every single time in the Central Valley, California; with materials sourced from the USA, you can feel good about a product that is made locally. These pieces are a way for you to express yourself, so have fun with it! Whether that be a meaningful gift for a loved one, a memory you want to cherish forever, your favorite place, or your favorite person, it’s something that you can create and hold onto forever.


When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance.

- Anonymous